defenders of the universe

2003 (projected)

track size notes other
77 1.69 MB charger: vocals  
drivebreaker 4.85 MB danny & chris: vocals  
opium den 5.31 MB danny & chris: vocals  
opium den reprise 1.39 MB instrumental  
rikus prelude 1.53 MB charger & danny  
gan rikus 5.21 MB danny: vocals  
ripley's II (mix 1) 6.02 MB charger: vocals  
finster 1.27 MB instrumental  
ripley's II (mix 2) 5.99 MB charger: vocals  
samurai 1.94 MB danny & chris: vocals  
get in the van 3.19 MB

danny & chris: vocals

everyone: backing vocals

melting 5.00 MB instrumental  

opium den I: ashes


5.33 MB

danny & chris: vocals

try to wrap your head around this one; this song is the origin of the main musical trope for the defenders album

ripley's II: the ocean of night


5.21 MB charger: vocals

part II; see the astron album for part I.