subcontinental blues

someone change the channel
i think i've seen this show before
someone change the channel
i think this show's a rerun
let's save up plutonium
and draw lines in the desert
each blast lasts a million years
this dumb show makes my head hurt

so unsure of the ground water that we're drinking
propagate in case the folks we hate get to thinking
"let's build some warheads
let's start an arms race"

can't control the temperature
this fire sweeps our nations
this hate grew from a single spark
got fanned by our impatience
i think i've seen this one before
when cuba was a factor
subcontinental blues have struck
i feel like getting plastered... i can come home drunk to my nuclear family
if i'd have known it would come to this i'd erase me
spend my time in between undefined states of being
bring the end of the end of the world disbelieving
let's die for glory
let's die before we live

© Astronomicon Music 1999


(pre-fight chatter)


i caught your momma smokin' cornsilk
while her pimp was spitshining her combat boots
i was about to call her over
but before i could speak, she asked me for a quarter (fukyou)

i watched your dad kick a down the street
he said his poor ass was moving
a bourbon a day keeps his paycheck away
but makes your back his favorite ashtray

(more pre-fight chatter)


i see you strutting down the hall with moose and the boys
col' jackin the betties and my tinkertoys
you bump my shoulder as i walk past
and now i'm gonna have to kick your ass

no new kid ever talked after talking like that
i'll beat your ass like a cannibal
don't let that attitude go to your head
cuz after nap time you're freaking dead


© Astronomicon Music 1999

cæsar's ghost (jesus ii)

in this city of the night
i found myself inside
a temple filled with neon lights
i go blind from this shining lie

i can't begin to save you
the cameras keep a watchful eye
how can i guide your souls to heaven
when you're getting yours should i be getting mine?

i came here as a wiser man
i walked with prohets and with fools
i guess i'll leave here with empty hands
flat broke like the rest of you

others rest in peace
there is no rest for me
i woke up after three days down
cuz there's no end to human misery

"save us"
i hear you shouting out
but the call of the slots is tto great

"save us"
but dollars shroud your hearts
and no one turns to look my way

© Astronomicon Music 1999

nightmare alley

sleeping in a shitbrown headache tomb
breathing air from the scary room
baked-on rat piss in progresso
tripping over cords to take a leak
try to take a breath that doesn't reek
while the music keeps me dead

hunching inches off my back
packing lunches for the mousey's traps
a couple houses down there's a sale on crack

it's a nightmare

© Astronomicon Music 1999

hang ten billion

where is the summer of love?
age of aquarius get serious
your generation of frauds
has stabbed itself in the back jack

the kids the gen-x the rejects the 'tards
eating up the game like a box full of crackerjacks
the danger that is our power is we know nothing is different
unlike our fathers

they made—we are
they made—we are
the big screen the small screen the magazines they got it right
and now we con ourselves in true belief that wrong is right

checkmate stalemate failmate
you never noticed what you swallowed was a hook
a hooker
your junk is green and it's unseen
cuz what you learn is how to swallow while you choke

being young is all about the thrills of puberty
and it's a virus you are spreading you will come to see
and when your corporate father fucked you all you saw was stars
and when you fucked yourself you know you smoked your last cigar

they made—we are
the big screen the small screen the magazines they got it right
and now we con ourselves in true belief that wrong is right
they made—we are

© Astronomicon Music 1999