kris wiltze

chris wiltsee is a boy with hands. those hands are perhaps at their best when gripping drum sticks, but this only his wife and accountant truly know. and possibly his lover superhippie.

chris is the drumming impetus (some might say incubus) behind the band astron. he's the guy who gets all the compliments, while the rest of us string-slingers sweat over heavy guitars and intricate melodic refinements. a true genius in 3.1415 senses of the word, he writes all the funky astron tunes, has his own album, and started a music prgram including full record label and recording studio back in dear old freezing cold ann arbor, michigan.

with his lovely wife heidy dunnbar and the youth contingent, charlee seebrite wiltze, the rangey couple make their home in semi-rural walnut creek, california, with some chickens, a three-toed sloth, and two highly polished eggbeaters.