danny johnson 4-1/2

danny johnson is the chinese healer of astron. danny is from the heavy guitar school of kyuss, crossed with the land of slint. he also screams ferocious pæns to the gods of the forests, technology, and industry, whichever has raised his ire or drawn his eye.

not afraid to be heavy, danny dominates with a brutal edgy guitar tone that is pure 70's guitar crossed with 70's tube amps, nicely massaged by heavy distortion pedals and big thick strings. his riffs have a tendency to suck the air out of the room, but his strident melodies float over the heavy ground like bouncing antelopes over the african tundra.

danny's touch can be recognized in riffs like the heavy demolition riff in subcontinental blues, the bouncing smash of fight, and the pure metal groove of gan rikus (scribe).

with his mysterious wife julietta, johnson makes his home in sun-drenched santa cruz, california, a stone's throw from the jury room and the jack-in-the-box.