charger's tone transfer xt sound samples

mp3 sample description .syx .gpt
charger-bigfat a useful alternative rock / rock sound download download
charger-coroner rhythm designed to play coroner songs from the album punishment for decadence. not perfect, the sound on that album is pretty unique, but this will work for the rhythm tones. download download
charger-jcm rhythm a useful jcm rhythm tone. sits in a mix well. not really heavy on its own, and not really appropriate for super heavy music. download download
charger-ripping a "ripping" tone. here i used it to play kreator's extreme aggression. not exactly what it's designed for, but just an illustration of how it holds up on the fast stuff. download download

charger-soldano with no fx

this is the dry charger-soldano sound. download download
charger-soldano with the stomp on this is the charger-soldano sound with the stomp (screamer) turned on. warms it up a little for leads. see above see above
charger-soldano with the stomp and delay on for a little more of a lead feel. see above see above