astron audio

a few choice snippets

song size album description
our army 4.35 MB astron a catchy little tune about antidisestablishmentarianism
solar princess 7.87 MB astron an instrumental that encompasses all joy and pain
subcontinental blues 5.26 MB delta frighteningly still relevant song about the india/pakistan standoff, heavy, with a gorgeous outro
fight 4.51 MB delta an old-school pæn to the schoolyard fight.
rico tubbs 5.28 MB delta

sounded to us like the appropriate theme for the title character; an instrumental that is unbridled joy and excess

opium den I: ashes 5.33 MB defenders of the universe

try to wrap your head around this one; this song is the origin of the main musical trope for the defenders album

ripley's II: the ocean of night 5.21 MB defenders of the universe

part II; see the astron album for part I.