why astron?

ten reasons
  1. astron was created because the members of astron felt there was a need for another heavy alternative rock band that played somewhat spacy, happy-yet-sad, dark-yet-light, evil-but-good music. really.
  2. astron was created because in times of darkness, there is always light (i.e., e.g., a.k.a, lux tenebrae).
  3. astron was created because we needed a reason to practice twice a week.
  4. astron was created because there is no excuse for using such ridiculous amplifier volume unless you are in a band.
  5. astron was created because we needed people to relate to us, and we needed that to happen when we were on stage, and they were not.
  6. astron was created because greg always wanted to do album covers.
  7. astron was created for a bunch of reasons that all you filth, you wackos, you screwheads will never understand.
  8. astron was created because we heard a voice, and that voice said, "incorporate the pigs."
  9. astron was created to fill the power void between the anarcho-narcissisistic commune of our daily lives and the fallow post-aristocratic governance of the public sphere.
  10. one day we were just too high not to create astron.
a better question

have you listened to the music?

a few more questions
are you happy? does emotional music have quite an effect on you? do you often sing or whistle just for fun?
an irrelevant question
what is the land velocity of an unladen swallow?
a question about questions
if a question is asked in the space of an instant, and in that instant, time is going backwards, is the question asked or answered first?
a further rebuttal, in question form, of your question
do you really think any of this matters at all?
a question posed on the steps of Northanger Abbey, from Wilbur MacLeod to his then-third-wife, Molly MacLeod neé MacDougal.
shall we be going in then, deary?
a question about this entire line of questioning
what does any of this have to do with the band astron?
an elusive answer
well, that really depends on your perspective, and on your perceptions of the meanings of the words "what," "band," and "astron."
another question
in what circumstances, places, and emotional times do you most often discover instances of the muted posthorn?
and finally...
what would astron do?
and even more finally...
why not?