why not astron?

ten reasons
  1. you have something better to do.
  2. it's a day of the week that ends in "-y."
  3. you never understood why they need to distort the guitars so much.
  4. rock music is satanic.
  5. you're really into another album by another band, that you do not believe would jibe well with astron.
  6. everyone you know thinks astron sucks, and you don't like to rock the boat.
  7. underground music is not as good as major-label music.
  8. there is too much hate in the world already.
  9. astron was created to fill the power void between the anarcho-narcissisistic commune of our daily lives and the fallow post-aristocratic governance of the public sphere; you are afraid that listening to astron would confuse this separation in your own life.
  10. you are just too high to listen to astron.
a better question

have you listened to the music?

a few more questions
do you like pop music? do you ever wonder why, when you are tired, your eyes sting? do you sometimes think that maybe you could have come up with general relativity too, if you had been born with einstein's brain and in his circumstances?
an irrelevant question
who is the mayor of saginaw, michigan?
a question about questions
if the universe was created by [insert higher power] in 7 days, and at that time, it was finished, why do we keep having days?
a further rebuttal, in question form, of your question
is it painful to you to see me like this?
a question posed on the steps of the White House, from Mirna Cravington neé Hawkins, to her second extr-marital partner in the space of ten years, James Farnham VanDelay.
is it always like this in june?
a question about this entire line of questioning
shall you submit now, or shall you receive further punishment?
an elusive answer
only if the circumstances are right.
another question
when you are called on the phone, are you ever really called, or is it just someone wanting to have a conversation?
and finally...
would melting be as fun as it looks?
and even more finally...